The international residency program is process-oriented: it focuses on time, space and encounter. It seeks to inspire open-ended interdisciplinary dynamics, exchange and dialogue, participation and reflection.


Exhibitions and Events

The SCHIESSLHAUS AiR program offers the guest artists a high-publicity platform to present their artistic work. During their three-month residency, the artists in residence participate in three public events of the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR program: the Jour Fixe, the Kollnburg Art Sunday and the Final Exhibition at the end of the residency period.

Within the framework of various events, the interested public regularly has the opportunity to gain insights into the artistic work and life in the artists’ residence, and to enter into dialogue with the artists in residence. In addition, the residence occasionally opens its doors for guided tours, summer festivals and other events, for example on the occasion of the
“Ateliers in Niederbayern” (Open Studios of the District of Lower Bavaria (Next time: Autumn 2024) or the nationwide “Open Monument Day” (Sun, September 10, 2023).

DATES 2023 


Art educational workshop/exhibition with Peter Herr, Grundschule Kollnburg 

Exhibition with Peter Herr and the primary school class Kollnburg 

Art educational workshop with Gülbin Ünlü and Britta Wahlers, Kunstklasse, Dominicus-von-Linprun Gymnasium Viechtach 
Exhibition with Gülbin Ünlü, the Kunstklasse and Britta Wahlers


Jour Fixe/Part 1: Kick-off event: "TAMTAM Spaziergang", an event in cooperation with the Habibi Kiosk of the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Cafebar Mona, Monacensia at the Hildebrandhaus

Jour Fixe/Part 2: Kick-off event: "TAMTAM Bayerwaldtour", a bus tour from Munich via stops at places of art and culture in the Bavarian Forest to the SCHIESSLHAUS in Kollnburg

Kollnburg Art Sunday / Open Studios
Exhibition Opening
Final Exhibition of the 1st Residency
Open Monument Day

Further information on exhibitions and events:

Presentations, Networking Meetings, Workshops

The opening event of each residency period is the “Jour-Fixe” – a welcome and get-to-know meeting between the curators, the guest artists and the host community.

The guest artists introduce themselves and their artistic practice/projects to the local public and are brought into contact with various local actors. In order to promote interdisciplinary exchange, to open up new perspectives and to stimulate productive discourse, an expert from a field other than the visual arts is invited to the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR for a workshop. The changing thematic focuses of the Jours Fixes are related to the annual theme of the AiR program.

Open Studios

About halfway through each residency there is a fixed date: the Kollnburg Art Sunday/Open Studios, on which the guest artists present to the host community and the interested public what they are working on during their residency at the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR in Kollnburg. These project presentations are of a more informal nature, for example studio visits, artist talks, lectures, performances or interventions – depending on the artistic projects of the guest artists. Art workshops with different population groups are also possible.


At the final exhibitions of the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR program, the guest artists present selected artworks and projects realized during their respective residencies in a curated group exhibition. The final exhibitions take place in the “Altes Spital” in Viechtach and are accompanied by a public education program.

Education and Participation

“Educational cooperation programs between schools and artists promote aesthetic education and contribute to a lively artistic development with the aim of deepening the quality of artistic education in schools. Through the collaboration, pupils and teachers learn about different ways of thinking and working and to look at these from different perspectives. New horizons open up for the pupils and the additional educational program results in the opportunity to gain unique experiences.”

Britta Wahlers, media artist and art educator

Art and culture are among the indispensable components of our social coexistence and make an important contribution to the personality development of children and young people. An important part of the Education and Participation Program of SCHIESSLHAUS AiR are cooperation programs with local schools.

Within the framework of cooperation projects with regional educational institutions (elementary and secondary schools), selected artists are invited to conduct art educational and artistic workshops with pupils and students independently of the residency program. In addition, SCHIESSLHAUS AiR offers artistic programs for local vacation programs.

Through an age-appropriate program, primary and secondary school children can actively and creatively engage with contemporary art and culture. During the art educational workshops, which take place either at the artists’ residence or at the schools, they get to know different areas, themes and techniques of the Fine Arts. The children and young people get the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and materials (depending on the chosen means of expression), to test their artistic and craft skills and to create their own works of art together with the artists. The artworks are presented at the end of the workshops in the scope of a joint exhibition at SCHIESSLHAUS AiR.



Wooden Fantasy Creatures
with G. Fuchssteiner and P. Herr
Friday, May 6, 2022
5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

At the end of the three-day workshop “Wooden Fantasy Creatures” with artists Georg Fuchssteiner and Peter Herr, the works of art created by the children will be presented in the scope of joint exhibition. Parents and teachers are cordially invited to the vernissage on Friday, May 6, 2022 at SCHIESSLHAUS AiR.

The art project “Wooden Fantasy Creatures” is part of the program “Künstler in der Grundschule” of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts, supported by the Government of Lower Bavaria and the Municipality of Kollnburg.

Czech-Bavarian Artist in Residence-Program 2022

Part of the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR program is the CZECH-BAVARIAN ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM 2022. In cooperation of the municipality of Kollnburg with Plzeň 2015 two artists from Bavaria and two artists from Czechia will be invited between July and September 2022 for a two-months summer residency at the SCHIESSLHAUS AiR in Kollnburg. The cooperation project consists of a transboundary artist residency program and a public program with lectures, workshops, open studios and a final exhibition. The focus of the cooperation is the support of contemporary art and the encouragement of intercultural encounters in the Bavarian-Bohemian border region. 

The SCHIESSLHAUS AiR: CZECH-BAVARIAN ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM 2022 is supported by EUREGIO “Bayerischer Wald – Böhmerwald – Unterer Inn” in the scope of the program “Freistaat Bayern – Tschechische Republik Ziel ETZ 2014-2020”.

Application requirement for the Czech-Bavarian residency program (residency period C) is a connection to Bavaria and/or the Czech Republic (place of birth and/or place of residence).

For the general conditions of the residency program please see

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