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Mariia Mytrofanova

in Odessa, is a visual artist and perfor­mance artist. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Grekov Odesa Art School in 2018 and completed a BA at the Faculty of Art and Media of the Pedagogical University of Cracow in 2022. In her artistic practice, Mytrofano­va pursues interdisciplinary research-ba­sed projects that reflect on the fragi-lity of human existence in the face of political, economic and climate changes. She explores human connections within family stories and archives, treating art­works as a passage through traumatic experiences that reveal our vulnerability in light of history. Her recent works focus on themes of sexual violence, gynecological oppres­sion against women and the presence of the female body in the political and cultural context of the present. In her artworks, Mytrofanova leaves space for a particularly strong presence of her own experience, articulated and actualized on the basis of contemporary socio-political contexts.

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Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu

ZEYNEP AYŞE HATIPOĞLU, born 1990 in Istanbul, is a cellist and composer. Her work involves improvised music performances, electro-acoustic com­positions, sound installations, open form pieces and graphic notations. Her artistic practice involves exploring tools and methods to broaden the ground for creativity and increase the sense of bonding, encouragement and interac­tion. Hatipoglu associates the concepts of play and improvisation and seeks to build this relationship throughout her works. In 2022 she completed her PhD at the Istanbul Technical University Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) with her artist research entitled "A Practice-Based Research on Musical Improvisation: Collaborative Improvisa­tion as a Play". A member of SAVTtrio, Ensemble, HEYA Sound Project and iKKi Duo, she teaches music, con­ducts workshops and collaborates with interdisciplinary artists.

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Afshin Chizari

AFSHIN CHIZARI, born in Tehran in 1988, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Tehran and was later accepted at the Tehran University of Arts. After three years, he dropped out of art studies and left the capital to live in rural areas of Iran. The artist's life and career form a uni­fied response to the three elements of memory, dream and healing. His current works deal with essential questions about time, death and amnesia, crea­ting a melancholic, romantic, almost ancient atmosphere. Chizari's etchings, drawings, sculptures and paintings leave traces of similarity. The slowness that results from the nature of his artistic technique is for him the modus operandi of a mnemonic comprehension. In his artistic work, he establishes imaginary criteria in order to oppose them to the inaccuracy of our new era. His obsession with detail is the most obvious manifes­tation of this mentality. Chizari's work holds self-healing aspects and reads as an autobiographical narrative reflecting tragic loss. lt is conceived through time and leaves room for interpretation. He concentrates for weeks on a theme in order to gain a very precise reading of it - the careful selection of his motifs resembles the well-considered choice of words of a poet.

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Olsen Wolf

Oliver Wolf aka OLSEN, born in 1975 in Villingen-Schwellingen, is a visual artist. One focus of his artistic practice is to explore poetic perspectives on the carrot that hangs before us in the form of technology. lt is typically made enticing by promises of effort or time savings, liberation from necessities, innovation, or simply by offering ultra HD resolution. In his objects and installations, Olsen cleverly counteracts the functional and rational logic of technology with humor and wit - for him, a form of resistance against the functionalism of everyday life in a practical sense. His works are poetic experiments that transcend meaning-ful logic. They strive to dismantle the factual reality within the idle automation of technology, hoping that the works, contrary to the dominance of purpose or more precisely the subordination to utility, raise questions.

After completing training as a carpenter, Olsen pursued studies in Media Arts at the HdK Zurich and Bel las Artes at the UB Barcelona. In 2018, he completed
a PhD in Media Arts & Technology at Queen Mary, University of London. He is a founding member and board member of the Kunstverein Global Forest in St. Georgen in the Black Forest.

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